Montucky Beer, American Lager, Cold Snacks, 12 Pack 12 Ea

Vegan friendly. The Montucky Story: Founded in 2012 by two young men from Bozeman, Montana, tired of their day jobs, and wanting to create a business and product that they could be both proud and passionate about. Enter Montucky cold snacks, a light, sessionable, American-style lager intended for enjoying the moments that you're in. All day, everyday! Perfect for the river, ski hill, backyard BBQ, taking rover to the park, or really any other adventures you may have, our beer is there to make your experiences all the more refreshing! Plus you can feel top notch knowing that MCS donates 8% of its profits back to charities and organizations in the communities that support us - A little something we like to call, drinking with a cause. Enjoy our 100% American owned and produced beer that doesn't have corn syrup, corn or rice fillers, and is vegan friendly! Sincerely, JC Gregory & Chadz. Don't be a jerk. Drinking with a cause. (hashtag)montuckycoldsnacks. Visit us online at to help pick the charities where we donate! Thanks for your excellence and support! 8% back to non-profits and charities.