Lost Coast Stout Beer, Eight Ball, Robust Oatmeal Stout

A rich creamy Oatmeal Stout. Not just for breakfast. Brewed fresh in the Humboldt Nation. Eight Ball Stout is the answer for all those dedicated to the darkest, most robust of beers. Eight Ball Stout is handcrafted from roasted barley, chocolate and caramel malts, oats, and two-row malted barley with pure mountain water. This stout displays a chocolate brown head with aromas of roasted barley. You'll find it delivers a rich, full flavor with creamy oatmeal smoothness and subtle hop undertones. Enjoy this stout with your favorite hearty dish or as a meal all on its own. For the really adventurous, try serving it over ice cream for a Stout float. Welcome to the dark Side! Barbara Groom, Brewmaster.