Chimay Chimay Grand Reserve

This ale is all natural: no filtering, no pasteurizing, no artifice, just handcrafted beer made of five essentials: water, barley, wheat, hops and a renowned yeast strain. Chimay Blue is the cognac of beers and the boldest member of the Chimay family, with dark fruits and caramel culminating in a warming finish. Like many Trappist strong ales, Blue ages like a fine wine. Beer is geographical, water, soil, climate and geology imbue it with certain attributes. It's called terroir - the taste of a place - and a beer is nothing without it. Chimay is a small, pastoral village in Belgium whose rich soils and rainy skies have supported agriculture for 1,000 years. Chimay is home to a community of Trappist monks who have brewed the same ales, in the same monastery since 1862. The Trappists were the pioneers of Belgian ales and the beer you are holding is invested with this expertise. Drink Chimay and you taste the Ardennes. Authentic Trappist product. This logo certifies that Chimay ales are produced within the walls of a Trappist abbey under the direct supervision of the Trappist community and that the majority of the revenue from each bottle sold is used for charitable work around the world. Alcohol 9% by volume. Imported from Belgium. Brewed and bottled in Belgium.