Capital Brewery Pilsner, Capital, Original Garten Brau

A Bavarian-style beer from a traditional Wisconsin lager brewery. Some things shouldn't change. Our original Garten Brau. Our first special lager 1986. Remember your first. We do. America's no. 1 rated brewery (1998 Beverage Testing Institutes' World Beer Championships in Chicago, IL). Before 1984, the Madison Region was a desert. Overnight, it transformed into a specialty brewing wonderland. Capital Brewery is proud of our creative contribution. Our passion hasn't wavered since. In fact, our first Garten Brau recipes (Capital Dark and Capital Special) are still true to their German roots. So meet an old friend for a drink: Capital Pilsner. Hoist one and you literally carry the torch for specialty brewing. You know who you are and what you like. You were there at the start and you've been carrying a torch for Pilsner ever since. Danke to you. For those younger and less fortunate, don't dismay. Consider Capital Pilsner your ticket to travel back in time. Just don't get lost. Customers in '86 opened the door to a specialty brewing experience like no other - Capital Brewery. Tour our current digs in Middleton and you'll find these doors. Why? Because tradition, like passion, should never be left behind. After all these years, locals and other Midwest types definitely know our whereabouts. For those still searching, we offer this handy-dandy map (please empty map of its contents before turning over). We're located in a former egg processing plant in Middleton, now populated by people with an obvious love of a certain Wisconsin tradition: brewing and enjoying beer and the company it keeps. 4.7% alc/vol.