Surly Overrated Ipa

Beer for a glass, from a can. What's with the hype? It's been said, it's easier to brew an extremely hoppy beer than an extremely balanced beer. And you know us; we're always looking for the way out, so we jumped on the West Coast IPA bandwagon and brewed this dry and hoppy ale. Surly's a little bit of a one-trick pony. They only brew gimmick beers, and maybe we are overrated, but at the end of the day, it's just a beer. If you like it, great! So do we! And if you only liked us when we were small, then leave this one on the shelf. Let one of the fanboys grab it. To live a happy, fulfilled life, there are certain places you must visit. Washington D.C. The Grand Canyon. Wall Drug. And now, The Surly Destination Brewery. So what are you waiting for? Come to the source. Hang out in our beer hall to sample our stubbornly original brews and expertly crafted food. Head up to our finer dining restaurant, Brewer's Table, where beer pairings and a stunningly original menu reimagine the beer and food experience. Or, just bring the dog, the kids and your sunglasses to our enormous beer garden, where there's always room to enjoy a pint with friends. While you can't live here, you can schedule an event in Scheid Hall, the onsite event center big enough for weddings, receptions, corporate events and private parties. And, of course, you'll want to go behind the scenes with a brewery tour and up your fashion game with exclusive gear at The Company Store. Seriously. We have all that. Find us here: 520 Malcolm Ave. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414. Get Surly! 7.3% alc. by vol. Brewed and canned by Surly Brewing Company Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.