Stone Enjoy By Hazy IPA 07.04.22 Tangerine & Pineapple IPA

Stone enjoy by 07.04.22 tangerine & pineapple Ipa: There’s more than one recipe for independence. This edition of our brewed-to-be-enjoyed-now Ipa is a fruitfully fresh variant loaded with real tangerine & pineapple for maximized summer celebrations. Whether you crack into this one as soon as you get home or hold onto it until the 4th of July, make sure to enjoy it before the fireworks end as usual. And independence doesn’t have to mean keeping it all to yourself, especially if you’ve got some independently-minded friends and family to share with. Gargoyles are historically known as protectors against evil spirits. Since the beginning, our Stone gargoyle has represented our ceaseless quest to create the most awesome beers imaginable. Think of the gargoyle as the big friend that’s got your back. Ever vigilant, ever watchful, and ever your humble servant. Independently brewed fresh to be enjoyed.