Ommegang Abbey Ommegang Witte

Wheat ale with traditional spices. World Beer cup 2008 silver award Belgian wheat beer. Top fermented and bottle conditioned. Brewery Ommegang is 3,264 miles from Brussels, but its heart is right in Belgium. It was created out of our devotion to the unique ales brewed by the country where brewing is an art and partaking is a passion. Our techniques are thoroughly Belgian and completely traditional. We use Belgian specialty malts, hops, and our own signature house-propagated yeast. Open fermentation, bottle conditioning, and warm cellaring all contribute to the flavorful character of our ales. Taste them for yourself during one of our daily tours. Capture Ommegang Witte's refreshing aroma and frothy head in your own signature Witte glass. Revered for their light body, frothy head, and quenching flavor, white ales are a beloved Belgian tradition. Ommegang Witte combines flavors of sweet orange peel, coriander, and unmalted wheat for a flavor as bright and soft as summer clouds over a Flanders field. This week, drive to Belgium! Visit America's most unique micro-brewery, a small slice of Belgium right in upstate New York and the first farmstead brewery built in America in over a century. Witness for yourself traditional Belgian brewing techniques. Learn about the rise and fall of the Cooperstown area as America's hop growing capital in the 19th century. Don't leave without sampling our award winning Belgian-style ales for a true taste of Belgium that's closer to home.