Ommegang Abbey Ommegang Abbey Ale

Ale brewed with licorice root, star anise, sweet orange peel, coriander, cumin. Rich, fruity and aromatic Burgundian brew. Ommegang Abbey Ale is directly influenced by the patience and wisdom of the trappists, who ever seek divine union - a pretty high standard for an ale, but a good one, we think. Deep burgundy color, rich and malty, enjoy with savory dishes, rich cheeses, and almost every dessert. Part of the Duvel family of fine Belgian ales. Ommegang ales are incomparable yielding unique flavors and aromas. Inspired by deep insight into Belgian brewing, yet infused with Ommegang's spirit of creativity, each ale offers perfect balance and pure drinking pleasure. Visit us for daily tours & tastings. 8.2% alc/vol. Brewed/bottled in Cooperstown, NY USA.