Brewed with malted barley, specially crafted to remove gluten. Crafted to remove gluten. Gluten levels in Omission beer are well below the Codex gluten-free standard of 20 ppm or less. See your bottle's test results: It isn't just what we took out, it's what we left in. Since launching Omission, we've heard so many great stories from our fans about their first experiences enjoying Omission beer. Some of our celiac and gluten intolerant fans have never been able to enjoy a beer brewed with malted barley, and others haven't had one in a long time. We refer to these eye-opening experiences as O Moments - the moment you realize that you're able to enjoy a great tasting craft beer brewed with malted barley. We'd love to hear your story. Share your O Moment at Drinking is believing. Seal of quality - Widmer Brothers. Estd 1984. In 1979, the international gluten-free standard of 20 parts per million (ppm) or less was set forth by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which was created by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization; the United States became a member of Codex in 1963. The FDA and TTB have not adopted the International Standard set forth by the Commission. Please drink Omission responsibly. Gluten levels in Omission beer are well below the Codex Gluten-Free Standard of 20 ppm or less. Omission Beer is fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified and this product may contain gluten. We had a mission - to brew a great craft beer made from traditional ingredients, including malted barley, specially crafted to remove gluten. Well, mission accomplished. As a longtime celiac, I'm excited to share this great craft beer with you. Cheers, Terry Michaelson, CEO. Visit us online at: View your bottle's R5 Competitive ELISA gluten test result by entering the date code from your bottle at 100% recycled paperboard. Please recycle.