Firestone IPA Easy Jack IPA 6 ea

Refreshing, light & crisp. 120 cal. Beer before glory. A California beer company. Easy Jack is now just 120 calories, delivering the same hoppy goodness with even more drinkability. Brewmaster Matt Brynildson and his team are in passionate pursuit of the perfect beer - and never satisfied. With their mastery of hops and thirst for innovation, they are on a quest to provide you with incredible flavors and impeccable beers. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Visit our brewery & taproom locations across California in Paso Robles, Buellton & Venice. Brewing for tomorrow. We do all that we can to maximize beer quality while minimizing environmental impact. Here on California's Central Coast, we are committed to preserving our region's natural resources for generations to come. Conserving H20: Process water is reused or treated on site, and ultimately returned to the local aquifer. Minimized Waste: Our spent grains are converted into feed for local livestock. 4% alc by vol.