Segura Viudas Brut Cava Sparkling White Wine 187 ml Bottle

Drawing on centuries-old Cava traditions, Segura Viudas has earned itself a reputation for crafting the superior quality of sparkling wine. Segura Viudas produces artisan cava wines using the traditional method. The double fermentation process has been used for centuries to make sparkling wines with layers of complexity, fruit and more refined bubbles. This is an ideal Cava to start a meal. It also pairs well with preserved seafood, (clams, squid, and anchovies), pasta dishes with seafood and with soft milk cheeses or mild Brie. At Segura Viudas, our penchant for exceptional winemaking and commitment to quality, sustainability and biodiversity are embodied in our distinctive, yet approachable Cavas, enjoyed and appreciated across the globe.