Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Mary Mix, 1 Liter Bottle

Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Mary Mix makes a great cocktail, whether you're brunching with friends on a Sunday or watching some football. This Bloody Mary mix is crafted with organic, all natural ingredients, including organic tomato, lemon, agave, vinegar, spices, lime and salt. An award-winning addition to your cocktail mixers, Tres Agaves Bloody Mary Mix won Gold at the Los Angeles International Competition. Featuring bold, spicy flavors, Tres Agaves Bloody Mary mixer really captures the spirit of Mexico, and it complements both vodka and the bolder flavor profile of tequila. For a classic cocktail, combine this Bloody Mary mixer with Hanson Organic Vodka or your favorite vodka and a squeeze of lemon juice, and serve over ice in your favorite Collins glass. Bloody Mary cocktails pair well with almost any food, so try them alongside vegetable omelets, huevos rancheros or spicy meats and bacon. Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Mary Mix does not contain alcohol. Refrigerate the bottle after opening. In Tequila Valley, we trust.