Firestone Walker IPA Mixed Pack Assorted Beer 12 oz - 12 Cans

Exclusive limited release hazy IPA. Brewing for Tomorrow: California's Central Coast has been our home for a few generations - we have an affection for this place and feel and obligation to treat it as well as we possibly can. This means being relentlessly resourceful to conserve water, energy and materials. We believe that our pursuit of the perfect beer must be underscored by a passion for minimizing our environmental impacts. We are brewing for tomorrow. Conserving Water: 40 million gallons of brewing process water are treated annually on site and returned to the local aquifer, and 500,000 gallons are recycled through our custom water reuse system. Clean Energy: 3,000 metric tons of carbon emissions are offset annually by our 9.7-acre solar array, and 20% of the brewhouse's energy use is generated by kettle steam recovery. Eliminating Waste: 90% of our brewing grains are delivered in bulk to eliminate packaging waste, and 18 million pounds of spent grains are recovered annually and fed to local livestock.