Point Beer, Special Lager

Brewing excellence since 1857. Hand-crafted beer. Point - well made. Since 1857, the Stevens Point Brewery has offered the highest-quality specialty and craft beers. Each brew is personally hand-crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail. Point Special Lager, highly praised for its rich aroma and distinctive flavor, is brewed with nature's finest barley malts, grains and hops. The result is a smooth and satisfying beer that reflects the dedication of more than 150 years of brewing excellence. Point Special Lager. I guarantee - it's a Point well made. - John Zappa, Brewmaster. Visit the Stevens Point Brewery - continuing the tradition of great taste for 150 years. Back in 1857, the founders of the Steven Point Brewery had a single-minded passion for making great tasting beer. Today, each hand-crafted Point Brand is still carefully brewed with nature's finest ingredients. Located in the heart of Wisconsin, the Stevens Point Brewery is one of the oldest continuously operating breweries in America. Come visit and become a part of the brewing process. Experience the same time-honored brewing tradition that started more than one and a half centuries ago.