Bakerly Brioche Hot Dog Buns

Free from artificial flavors. Per Bun: 5 g sugars; 150 cal. No GMO ingredients. The brioche hot dog buns. Free of high fructose corn syrup. Free of bleached flour. Brioche is the hallmark of France - a bread made with wheat, floor, eggs, butter, and milk for an incomparable texture and taste! Our ingredients promise! No artificial flavors. No GMO ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup. Check out our complete ingredient no-no list at Our delicious brioche! We have elevated the bun game, originally made for hot dogs, these buns are so buttery and soft you will want to stuff them with countless options, from gourmet sausages to grilled meats, and even lobster! these brioche buns are so good, you may even love them straight from the bag. Bon appetit! Authentic French recipe proudly made in USA.