Annie Chuns Noodle Soup, Korean Kimchi with Shiitake Mushrooms

All natural, Asian cuisine. Fresh cooked noodles & soup. Ready in 2 minutes. Microwaveable. Earth-friendly, biodegradable bowl. Dear Friends, While growing up in Seoul, Korea, I loved the bold, spicy flavors of Kimchi. That's why I have created my Kimchi Soup Bowl - to share this special part of my childhood with you. In Korea, Kimchi is eaten at almost every meal and is revered for its health-giving qualities. Whether you enjoy this vegetarian specialty for lunch or dinner, you'll find my Kimchi Soup Bowl is always fast, convenient and tastes great. Keep a few handy in your desk or cupboard and enjoy the taste of Korea from anywhere! Happy eating! - Annie. 100% Natural, no msg, no preservatives. Taste the difference of fresh cooked noodles. These premium soup noodles are wonderfully soft and fresh right out of the package. We cook them to the perfect texture then immediately seal them to lock in the natural flavor. They aren't dried or fried in oil like most other quick noodles, which often contain preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. The result is a satisfying bowl of fresh, delicious noodles with an authentic and home-made taste. My light and spicy Kimchi broth made with real Kimchi and fresh chili peppers is the perfect compliment to these fresh noodles. You'll savor every healthy and delicious bite! Our Mission: We're dedicated to supporting you busy lifestyle with convenient, healthy, delicious meals made with only natural and organic ingredients. Saving the earth one bowl at a time. This biodegradable bowl is just one of the many ways we can all help heal the planet. Product of USA.