New Pi Rose Sampler 12 Pack

**A beautiful collection of pink wines-each with their own personality! *~Miss Nik*** **Regular Price: $151.88** *Includes two of each of the following wines:* * **La Tonnelle** - We can’t all spend a lazy afternoon sunning while nibbling on strawberries in the South of France, but this little wine can transport you there all the same. The scent of violets and mango add to the beauty of this blushing rose’, best enjoyed with lighter fare and jovial conversation. * **2 Birds 1 Stone** - This 100% Cinsault rose is dainty and soft; harvest occurs at night to preserve the subtle aromas and delicate fruits. With flavors of raspberry, red currant, and citrus zest, it’s perfect with summer salads, or grilled veggies. * **Broadbent Vinho Verde Rose** - Hello summer! While some Vinho Verdes can be a touch sweet-this one’s not al all. Crisp, with strawberry, pomegranate, and a hint of orange zest, it’s totally refreshing. The slight effervescence both acts as a thirst quencher and leaves you eager for another sip. Perfect with appetizers. * **Ercole Monferrato Rose** - From the famed home of Barolo comes this Barbera & Dolcetto blend, and bonus-it’s in a 1l bottle! Notes of watermelon, rose petal, and a mineral core make it a juicy libation to accompany wood fired pizza, (ok it’s pretty damned good with your standard takeout or frozen pizza, too!), or Sausages with peppers and onions. The snappy acidity in the finish makes Ercole Rose pair well with anything cheesy! * **Pedroncelli Rose of Zinfandel** - The dry rose of Zinfandel (not sweet like a typical “White Zin”) is your go to for almost anything off the grill. One of the bolder roses in this 6 pk, it’s got baking spice, and some darker notes of blackberry that make it stand up to bigger flavors. My personal favorite? A glass of Pedroncelli Rose with a savory smoky BLT, with garden fresh tomatoes. Nothing better! * **Prisma** - This Certified Sustainably grown Pinot Noir Rose is a delight! Pale Pink, it boasts flavors of strawberry and cherry cola, even a bit of melon. It has a hint of salinity in the finish, thanks to the cool costal breeze that drifts through the vines. **For one of each wine, [click here](!/?id=1564405684704700749).**