Seventh Generation Baby Diapers, Chlorine Free, Size 2 (12-18 lb)

Soft, cloth-like comfort, premium absorbency. Hypo-allergenic. Close-fitting thin diaper with super-stretchy closure tabs. Fragrance and latex free. About Chlorine Free: Most diapers are made with absorbent materials that have been bleached with chlorine-containing substances, which creates dangerous toxins such as dioxin. Studies have shown a direct link between dioxin exposure and cancer, birth defects, and environmental and reproductive disorders. The absorbent material in Seventh Generation diapers is chlorine free. At Seventh Generation, we are committed to reducing the amount of dioxin that is created by manufacturing and to producing products that are safe and environmentally responsible. A Note About Gel: We use absorbent polymer (gel) in our diapers because it is the best method we have found for keeping babies dry and reducing diaper rash. Our exhaustive research on this gel has shown that it is non-toxic and safe for babies while helping keep them dry and comfortable. You Are Making A Difference: Your choice of our chlorine free diapers could help reduce cancer rates. The current level of dioxin pollution in our world creates an unacceptable cancer risk for almost every man, woman and child on Earth. Your choice of our chlorine free diapers helps reduce the amount of dioxin polluting out air, water and soil and helps make the world a safer, healthier place for your family and generations to come. Diaper Safety: We care about your baby's safety, and we want to remind you that this packaging, or a torn piece of diaper, could cause choking for a child. And like any piece of clothing, diapers are flammable. Disposing of Disposables: Flush the waste, not the diaper! When you're throwing away a used diaper, empty the waste into the toilet, wrap the diaper tightly, and throw it away. Keeping human waste out of the landfill is safer for all of us. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products. If for any reason you're not satisfied, please send us your cash register receipt and proof of purchase for a complete refund. Made in USA.