Redwood Hill Farm Yogurt, Goat Milk, Apricot Mango

Delicious. Grade A. Since 1968. Certified humane - Raised & handled. Join Us: Get to know us and our goats! Our bi-monthly e-newsletter has special offers, coupons, contests, pictures of baby goats and news from our farm and creamery. Sign up at, and check out our blog, the bleat beat, about family life on the farm - sometimes written by goats! - Jennifer Lynn Bice, Founder. With Dawn. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook. Twitter. Goat milk yogurt is a delicious treat for anyone and may work for people with special dietary needs. We only use fresh, grade A milk straight from the farm and make our yogurts with a carefully crafted recipe and without the use of refined sugar. Seasonal variations in texture are normal. America's favorite goat milk yogurt. No refined sugar. Gluten free. Kosher certified.