Rachels Exotic Yogurt, Lowfat, Orange Strawberry Mango

1.5% milkfat. Omega-3 DHA helps support the heart, brain and eyes. Life's DHA - healthy brain, eyes, heart. Excellent source of DHA (Contains 32 mg of DHA per serving, which is 20% of the 160 mg daily value for DHA.). Wickedly delicious. No artificial growth hormones (No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST treated cows). Honest. Luscious blended yogurt inspired by the planet's most alluring fruits and flavors. Triple treat. Bright citrus, luscious strawberry and velvety mango. Sweet satisfaction with a fabulously fruity twist. Natural. Blissfully blended. Probiotics support a healthy internal balance and help naturally fortify the body's defenses. Grade A. Made in USA.