Organic Valley Half & Half, Hazelnut 1 Pt

Farmer-owned. Organic. Ultra pasteurized. Grade A. USDA organic. Talk about nutty. Now you can enjoy the authentic flavor of hazelnuts in an organic Half & Half. Stir it in. Discover how the extra-rich taste of real, organic hazelnuts mingles with our creamy Half & Half to create a sublime balance. Lift your favorite beverages and recipes to a place beyond delicious. Organic and farmer-owned since 1988. Great taste for the common good. What makes our Half & Half taste so good? It's simple, we're always organic and our milk comes from our pastured cows. We love what we do - and you can taste the creamy difference. That's our promise. We're a co-op of family farmers, dedicated to the well-being of the communities where we live, the planet we share and better food for you. Thanks for choosing products produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones and persistent pesticides. Homogenized. Oregon Tilth certified organic.