Odwalla Superfood Fruit Juice Drink, Amazing Purple

Made with Acai Berries. This purple beauty is deep and sultry, with sweet apple juice, tart orange juice, luscious peach, and banana blended with the complex flavors of acai, blueberry puree, Concord grape juice, cherry puree and wild berry extract. This powerfully purple blend combines the goodness of the blue and red spectrums from Nature's harvest. Foods such as blueberry, cherry, Concord grape and black currant have a harmony of anthocyanins which have antioxidant properties that help protect your body by neutralizing oxidizing molecules that form in the bloodstream. Within this complex blend, you'll find acai, a small, dark berry grown on the banks of the Amazon. Historically, Brazilians prized acai berries, believing them to provide strength and energy. So go on, drink up, and color yourself purple. No GMO. Extremely perishable. 94% Juice/Puree blend. Flash pasteurized.