Daiya Dairy Free Jalapeno Havarti Style Vegan Cheese Block - 7.1 oz

Introducing Daiya's best-ever plant based cheese blocks; made with oats and chickpeas. Just like real cheese, our dairy free cheese blocks are wonderfully versatile. Slice for sandwiches, cube for a cheese platter, toss into a salad, or grate over your favorite spaghetti dish - the pasta-bilities are endless! Spice up snack time with Jalapeño Havarti vegan cheese block, made with oats and chickpeas. Featuring real jalapeño pieces, this dairy free cheese block will add some kick to an artichoke dip, or it can be shredded over a vegan smoky chipotle lasagna for a luxurious creamy topping. Peanut free and safe for school lunches.