Green Dirt Farm Cheese Dirt Lover

Made in the style of French farmhouse cheeses like Valencay and Selles-sur-Cher, Dirt Lover is a small-format sheep's milk cheese that is dusted with ash before growing a bloomy rind. When young, Dirt Lover has flavors of butter, lemon and mushroom, and a smooth but firm texture. The flavor becomes earthy and beefy with age, and the paste breaks down to the consistency of butter. Farm / Company: Green Dirt Farm Cheesemaker: Sarah Hoffman/Rachel Kleine Proprietor: Sarah Hoffmann Affineur: City, State: Weston, MO Region: Midwest Country: USA Milk Type: Sheep Milk Treatment: Pasteurized Rennet: Traditional Rind: Bloomy ash Texture: Soft Aging: 35 days Size(s): 6-ounce piece