Panda The Jelly Bean Planet Jelly Beans, Gourmet, 30 Amazing Flavors

100% natural flavors. Gluten free. Gelatin free. Non-GMO. Nut free. Fat free. Our Story: The creation of father and son team, Peter and Richard Cullen, our gourmet beans are not only 100% delicious but are family friendly right to their scrumptious center. With 100% natural flavors ad no artificial colors, our only warning is we can't stop you from wanting more! More fun, more flavors, more reasons to be happy. 30 Amazingly Tasty Flavors: cinnamon; sour lemon; pear; south seas kiwi; apple; Hawaiian pineapple; cranberry & apple; banana split; passion fruit; licorice; pina colada; wild cherry; tropical punch; pink grapefruit; strawberry; French vanilla; peachy pie; mango; Caribbean coconut; cola; blueberry pie; lemon and lime; English blackberry; raspberry jam; strawberry smoothie; pomegranate; tangerine; bubblegum; grape; cotton candy. Product of Ireland.