LILY'S Birthday Cake White Chocolate Style, Gluten Free, Kosher, No Sugar Added No Sugar Added Sweets Bar, 2.8 oz

Every day is your birthday when you're indulging with a little white chocolate style sweetness — sprinkled with birthday cake sprinkles and exploding with feelings of celebration. And you don't need added sugar to enjoy your birthday, just like you don't need added sugar to enjoy LILY'S Sweet and Creamy birthday cake white chocolate style confections. Share with the people who make your special days even better, or keep a bar to yourself as a snack for all the moments when you need a fun, light, flavorful experience. Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to have your birthday on the same day as Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween? You can feel like you do when you stuff baskets, stockings, gift bags and trick-or-treat buckets with gluten-free birthday cake flavored white chocolate style treat bars made with stevia and ready to make every holiday your birthday too. Get to snacking and see for yourself what a delicious time it can be.