Maya Kaimal Surekha Rice, Organic, Turmeric + Cumin 8.5 oz

Ready to eat in 90 seconds. Give your next meal an Indian-style upgrade with our subtly spiced, organically grown Turmeric & Cumin Surekha Rice. We've added delicious turmeric and cumin seeds for extra flavor and goodness. We love Surekha (pronounced sir-RAY-ka) for its firm texture, sweet-earthy taste and the way it soaks up all kinds of sauces. These pearly grains are par-boiled or boiled in the husk to drive water-soluble nutrients into the grains, making it nutritionally like brown rice. In just 90 seconds you can enjoy this South Indian-grown grain with any cuisine in the world. I bring a fresh perspective to my delicious heritage, inviting you to experience the beautiful complexity of Indian food and share it with the people you love. - Maya Kamal Julia Child Award-Winning Cookbook Author.