Repurpose Cups, Lids, & Sleeves, Compostables, 12 Ounce

12 ounce (354.8 ml). Made from plants. Keep your hands cool and the earth, too. Good karma points. You've got places to go. The landfill isn't one of them. Early meetings. Airport runs. Playdates. We get it - some days you could really use a cup of coffee on the go. We make everyday products out of plants so you never have to use plastic again. Like these cups, lids, and sleeves - they're made from wood pulp and corn so they're non-toxic and compostable. That means they break down in months not millenia (In an industrial composting facility. Visit to find one near you). Leave the petroleum-lined to-go cups behind and still keep your coffee warm without warming the earth. We believe environmentalism should be easy. All of the credit. None of the work. Take a seat. Have a drink. Toss your cup. You're welcome. For now not forever. Innovative plant lid. Plants over plastic. BPA-free. Lined with plant material (not oil). Packaging made from 85% post consumer recycled material.