Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent, Natural, Free & Clear

70 loads. For standard and HE machines. USDA certified biobased products - Product 71%. Caring today for seven generations of tomorrows. Fights tough stains. Biodegradable formula. Deep clean. Hypoallergenic. Our Promise to You: It Works: Unique, concentrated formula removes stubborn stains, dirt & grease. Works great even in cold water. It's Natural: USDA certified biobased product (71%). Biodegradable formula. We Care: Plant-based cleaning agents & enzymes work without dyes, synthetic fragrances or optical brighteners. Why Wash in Cold?: Up to 90% of the energy spent to wash clothes in a conventional machine is used for heating water. Switching your temperature setting from hot to warm can cut energy use in half. Using the cold cycle reduces energy use even more. If you wash just 80% of your laundry in cold water for a year you could save $60 or more in energy costs or enough energy to run the average home for up to two weeks! Washing in cold water helps the planet breathe a little easier. The energy used to create hot water can lead to five times as many greenhouse gas emissions than when clothes are washed in cold water. A switch of all U.S. washers to cold water would mean a savings of about 30 million tons of CO2 per year. Learn more at Did You Know?: If every household in the US replaced just one box of 112 oz petroleum-based concentrated laundry detergent with our plant-derived product, we could save 165,000 barrels of oil: That's enough to heat and cool 9,5000 US homes for a year! The paperboard of this box is made of 35% post-consumer recycled fiber. or contact us at 1-800-456-1191. For all water temperatures cold & hot. Not tested on animals. No animal ingredients. Gluten free. Try our full line of home, personal & baby care products. FSC: Mix Sources - Product group from well-managed forest and other controlled sources. Paperboard. Made in Canada.