Hefty Trash Bags, Recycling, Drawstring, Large, Scent Free, 30 Gallon

113.5 l. 30 in x 33 in (76.2 cm x 83.8 cm) 8 mil (20.3 mcm). Blue. Official Brand. Box Top for education. Official Coupon: Box top for education. Earn cash for your school! Scent free. Patented odor neutralizer. Hefty recycling bags are perfect for all your recycling needs. Arm & Hammer. The Standard of Purity. Patented odor neutralizer. Designed to handle all types of recyclables. Developed for use in municipal recycling programs where applicable. Transparent for quick sorting and curbside identification. Municipal recycling programs. Handles all recyclables. Drawstring closure. how2recycle.info. Certified 100% Recycled Paperboard. Money Back Guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back. Our guarantee offers complete satisfaction or your purchase price refunded. To contact us visit Hefty.com 1-800-433-2244 or write: Heft Brand, PO Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583. When communicating about this particular product, please include end flap with the embossed numbers, or laser printed white numbers and the UPC bar code located on this panel. Product made in the USA.