Kingsford 100% Natural Lump Briquets Real Mesquite Hardwood Flavor

Real mesquite hardwood flavor. 100% natural. The performance of lump. The consistency of briquets. Nothing burns longer. More consistent heat vs lump. High heat sears in flavor. Gets the BBQ going fast. Great for grills & smokers. Why choose Kingsford Lump Briquets? With Kingsford 100% Natural Lump Briquets, you get the best of both worlds - the performance of lump charcoal and the consistency of briquets. The natural mesquite hardwood coating enhances your favorite barbecue foods with authentic mesquite flavor. Benefits of Cooking with Kingsford Lump Briquets: Nothing burns longer (versus lump); more consistent heat vs lump; high heat sears in flavor; Gets the BBQ going fast; real mesquite hardwood flavor; great for grills & smokers. Visit for additional cooking tips and recipes. For questions or comments, visit us on the web at or call 1-800-232-4745. Made in the USA.