Celtic Sea Salt Salt, Sea, Celtic 0.5 Lb

Vital mineral blend. Light grey celtic. Since 1976. Doctor recommended since 1976. Exquisite taste. Sustainably harvested. More nutritious than table salt. Kosher certified. Light Grey Celtic sea salt has been hand-harvested and dried by the sun and wind. Our sustainable harvesting methods combine tradition with innovation, and serve to preserve the vital balance of the ocean's minerals. Light Grey Celtic sea salt contains no anti-caking or bleaching agents. Celtic Sea Salt brand is highly recommended by doctors and chefs. Unlike ordiinary table salts, Light Grey Celtic sea salt also provides potassium, magnesium, and other important nutrients. Celtic Sea Salt is certified at the source by Europe's Nature et Progres to be free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals, and is also certified kosher. Light Grey Celtic sea salt impars a rich, exceptional flavor that enhances the taste of any dish. Use instead of table salt in cooking, baking or to season dishes before serving. To preserve optimal freshness and taste, we recommend that you store Light Grey Celtic sea salt in a glass, wood or ceramic container with a loose-fitting lid. Product of USA.