Weetabix Cereal, Crispy Flakes, Organic

Delicious whole grain cereal. 4 g Fiber; good source of 8 vitamins & minerals; 3 g protein; 0.5 g fat. USDA Organic. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. The goodness of whole grain Weetabix in a crispy flake. Biscuits or flakes, your choice for organic, whole grain taste and nutrition. Generations of British families have been brought up on Weetabix whole grain biscuits. In fact, it's the best selling breakfast cereal in the United Kingdom. It even inspired the Royal Family, professed Weetabix consumers themselves, to grant the company's chairman a knighthood. But there were worlds to conquer. Introducing Weetabix to the United States was a bit risky. Would Americans welcome a cereal so different from their typical breakfast fare? But it quickly became popular, embraced by the millions of Americans who actually prefer a whole grain breakfast with nothing but the finest organic ingredients. Weetabix is now a favorite among America's active and health conscious citizens. While many Americans clearly love the traditional Weetabix biscuits, some prefer more crunch. So we're happy to offer Weetabix Crispy Flakes. Containing the same delicious organic ingredients as regular Weetabix, it delivers that goodness in a jolly new form. Weetabix helps you stay heart-healthy for life. Stay active and eat healthy to help reduce the factors that lead to heart disease. Weetabix provides pure heart-healthy nutrition. While many factors affect heart disease, experts agree that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce your risk. Weetabix organic whole grain cereals are an excellent part of a heart-healthy diet. Enjoy the benefits of organic ingredients. We choose the finest organic ingredients for the same reasons you do - to ensure the highest quality and best taste, reduce toxins in the soil and respect our natural environment. Whether biscuits or flakes, Weetabix cereals never contain artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or trans fats. Product of Canada.