One Degree Organic Foods Rolled Oats, Gluten Free, Sprouted 24 oz

Organic. 100% Transparency. All ingredients from farmers we know. Glyphosphate free. For rich organic oatmeal & hearty whole-grain baking. Ingredients from carefully selected farms inside. We believe there should never be more than one degree of separation from the farmers. - Founder Stan Smith. One Small Family with One Big Idea. Our family believes in the connection between healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy people. We're passionate about clean, nourishing foods. And we believe that you deserve 100% transparency in everything you eat. That's why we created One Degree Organic Foods - to give you the power to meet every farmer, farm co-op, and producer behind every ingredient you're eating - just like a farmers market. We source clean organic ingredients. Our organic ingredients are grown using only plant-based cultivation methods and are sprouted for enhanced vitamins and minerals and easy digestion. Our family believes the most nourishing, delicious foods come straight from nature, so we only use simple, clean ingredients that you can trace back to the farm. We travel the world to source the highest quality ingredients. BioChecked Non Glycphosphate Certified.