One Culture Foods Japanese Spicy Ramen, Chicken Flavor 4.2 oz

Japanese spicy ramen with bone broth, nori & scallions. No artificial flavors. 199 calories per cup. Made with bone broth reduction. Cooked [not fried] noodles. At One Culture we celebrate the real flavor of the Asian-American experience and provide convenience without compromising on values & lifestyle. You're about to experience our take on this nourishing heritage dish packed with bold flavor from our chicken bone broth, premium cooked (not fried) noodles, roasted seaweed & scallions. Crafted to make your life easier and more delicious, our noodle cups are the perfect pantry stuffers for convenient culinary delivery. MSG free. No artificial preservatives. Discover our other products and connect at: and (at)oneculturefoods.