Pacific Foods Beef Broth, Organic, Low Sodium 32 fl oz

Nourishing FoodsAt Pacific Foods, we're dedicated to making the most nourishing foods possible from simple, carefully sourced ingredients. Bold Beef FlavorOrganic beef flavor cattle that is raised on a strict vegetarian diet is what makes our Organic Low Sodium Beef Broth as good as it gets. Combining the hearty beef with notes of onion and garlic, we create a rich and complex flavor worth of your favorite soups and stews. Get Creative in the Kitchen• Add soy, ginger and green onions for tasty ramen.• Add a dash of extra flavor to risottos.• Use in a marinade for your extra barbecue.• Substitute in place of water for your next stew. Tetra Pak® Protects What's Good Nourish Every Body™