Function Water, Vapor Distilled + Electrolytes

Created by physicians. Recharge your cells, hydrate your body and keep your muscles and nervous system working properly with this electrolyte-infused vapor-distilled water. Leave it to the docs at Function to take something as simple as water and make it scientific. Grab your pencil and we'll run through the docs' lab notes, watching water turn into Function: water. Function water starts off in nature, fresh and natural. The first step in the process is vapor-distillation. Our water is converted into vapor at super high temperatures. From there, the steam is cooled and condenses into little droplets, leaving all impurities behind. But vapor-distillation is almost too perfect because it also removes the natural minerals and nutrients contained in water. So the docs added in a perfectly balanced formula of electrolytes to help keep your cells operating at their personal best. Electrolytes are like little messengers, helping to send signals, or impulses, between the charged cells throughout your entire body. Proper electrolyte balance is important for maintaining healthy nervous, circulatory and muscular systems within the body. The process is complicated, but simply put it results in the best tasting water, possibly ever. Please recycle.