Tazo Black Tea, English Breakfast, Regenerative 16 ea

Seize the day with a bright, bold blend of black teas. Bold blend of malty black teas. Organic Awakes English breakfast This is more than a box of tea. It's a peek into a brighter future - where people and planet can thrive. For starters, we expertly blend ingredients grown with regenerative practices to help conserve nature, encourage biodiversity and improve soil health. It also means treating people with the respect and pay they deserve. The result: delicious USDA-certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified blends that brew a better future. So by choosing this box of tea, you're not just brewing a tasty blend. You're helping create a better world. And that's definitely worth sipping to. There's black tea. And then there's Tazo Organic Awake. This Fair Trade Certified blend not only tastes bold, it's better for the people who grow it and the land where it's grown. Our take on this breakfast-style classic gives you an organic black tea that's smooth, strong, and oh-so-robust. Traditional? It's anything but. Regenerative tea growing principles. Organic; conservation; fair trade. Caffeine Guide: Decaffeinated. Values are based on an 8 fl oz serving and reflect our standard brewing methods. A standard 8 fl oz brewed coffee contains approximately 95 mg caffeine. This is more than a box of tea. Read around the pack to find out why. 1% for the planet. Fair Trade certified. Rainforest Alliance: People & nature. FSC: Recycled. Packaging made from recycled material.