Tapuat Brewing Co. Lychee Peach Kombucha 14 fl oz Bottle

Peace begins within. With open hands and open arms may we all humbly confront our fears about what lies ahead. To preserve in the face of adversity. We embrace that which makes us vulnerable, to uncover our strengths. In a world full of confrontation, seek to find inner peace. Hugging is revolutionary. Unique drinks for conscious consumers. Tapuat is a symbol of concentric, spiraling, labyrinthine circles. This symbols is the representation of our mother culture, the cycle of life, rebirth of the spirit, its earthly path, and its return to the spiritual domain. Each batch of our living kombucha is made by human hands. Flavor variations are natural and are not an indication of potency. Drink to your health! This kombucha contains millions of living probiotic cultures, evident by floating yeasts and natural effervescence. Due to fermentation, trace amounts of alcohol occur. (<5%).