Dry Sparkling Beverage, Rhubarb

Tart. Lush. Bold. Rhubarb. It's tart. It's sassy. Sound familiar? Rhubarb in pie and rhubarb in a beverage are equally delicious. The difference? An hour on a treadmill. Characteristics: Tart; Lush; Bold. - Sharelle Klaus, founder and CEO. Sip. Pair. Mix. With a clean ingredient panel and exotic flavors, Dry is a sparkling beverage worthy of gourmet food pairing and premium mixology. Pairing Ideas: Barbecued ribs, bacon, soft pretzels, macaroni and cheese, hanger steak. Explore pairing and mixology recipes at Drysparkling.com. Caffeine free. Sodium free. Please recycle. Certified gluten free. Unexpectedly crisp. Made in USA.