Q Soda, Ginger Ale, Spectacular

Real Ginger Bite. Organic Agave. Imagine if you could make a ginger ale exactly the way you like it. Not too sweet, but clean and crisp with a gingery bite and real depth. Well we've done just that. We began with real ginger root- bright and earthy. Then for a gentle roundness we lightly sweetened Q Ginger with organic agave. And to make it truly special, we added a touch of coriander, cardamom, rose oil, and orange peel. Enjoy, - Jordan Silbert, Founder. Product: Per 12 oz: Q Ginger: Calories 90; sweetener 21 g (organic agave); Ginger bite - strong. Schweppes Ginger Ale: Calories 120; sweetener 32 g (high fructose corn syrup); ginger bite - light. Reed's Ginger Beer: calories 145; sweetener 37 g (sugar); ginger bite - strong. Fresh Ginger Beer: calories 160; sweetener 37 g (sugar); ginger bite - strong. It should be the aim of every bottler to bring its brand of ginger ale to the highest possible perfection, since a bottler's products are judged for better or worse by the merit or lack of merit possessed by its ginger ale. - WB Keller, National Bottlers Gazette. 1893. Learn more at qdrinks.com.