Four Sigmatic Dark Roast Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane + Chaga

New look. Mental focus + energy. Caffeine Level: Reg caf. Tested for toxins. A daily cup of Four Sigmatic Think organic coffee helps support: Enhanced mental focus. Boost of energy. Long-term positive mood. Special blend of focus-enhancing mushrooms and organic coffee to center your mind. Log-grown lion's mane fruiting body extract. Wildcrafted chaga extract. Organic coffee from a small, family-run Honduran co-op. Bring focus to your cup. With more than 10 years of experience serving 100 million cups in 60+ countries, we've perfected the blend for a better brew. Our coffee has 26,000+ 5-star ratings online, and is more than just coffee. True to our Finnish roots, we use organic, wildcrafted or log-grown mushroom extracts from the fruiting body (A.K.A. the real mushroom), not mycelium or filler grains. Get ready to give your brain a boost.