Odwalla Nutritional Vitamin Fruit Juice Drink, Original

10 g of Protein per serving. Super Protein original. More Ummph! We've supercharged this sweet ambrosia for active people of the 21st century. With 10g of heart- healthy soy protein per serving and 8 essential amino acids, this healthy odyssey is made to build, boost, and belay you through the day. Original Super Protein also contains crucial vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins c and B6, calcium, potassium, and more. Drink it down & keep it up! Separation is natural- Shake it up! Nutrition Mission. At Odwalla, we're channeling Nature's wisdom through fruit and soy- power partners in human nutrition. Our passion and our mission for over twenty years: To deliver to you nourishing products for daily deliciousness. Our super protein family does just that, using soy, wholesome fruit, and bountiful nutrients. Nourishing the Body Whole. 90% Juice/ Puree Blend. No GMO ( Today many ingredients do not yet exist in bioengineered varieties. Nonetheless, Odwalla is committed to only using ingredients that are not produced using biotechnology.