Northern Chef Shrimp, Gluten Free, Boom Boom 10 oz

Oven ready, easy to prepare. Northern Chef Boom Boom Shrimp is our signature shrimp dish that will bring dining out straight to your kitchen. Our responsibly sourced shrimp are lightly coated in a naturally gluten-free batter for a crisp exterior and sweet, tender bite. Toss or dip with our Sweet Thai Chili Sauce or any sauce and enjoy! Precooked. Look for our complete line of products under our brands: Royal Asia; Norther Chef. At Northern Chef, we take our philosophy of Dine well, Feel well, Live well. Our Dine well product are carefully chosen based upon the following criteria: All natural, high quality seafood above industry standards. Consistently great tasting flavor and texture. Responsible practices to ensure that future supply of fish. Addition of artificial chemicals is strictly prohibited during preparation.