Naked Antioxidant 100% Juice Smoothie, Rainforest Acai

A pound of fruit in every bottle. All natural. 6 - Juice blend with natural flavors. No sugar added. The king of the jungle. Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, a protector portraits, ready to mangle those free radicals that conspire to ambush your health. No, it's not that guy in the loincloth - it's the mighty acai berry (say ah-sigh-ee). When it comes to raw antioxidant power, this hero's the king of the jungle. Plus it's packed with omegas 6 & 9 fatty acids, Vitamin C and a sweet tropical taste in every sip. Drink it down, grip a vine and swing baby. The Naked truth. When it comes to juice, we understand your need to get Naked. So we use only the freshest and purest stuff in the world and leave out everything else. That means no added sugar, no preservatives, no inhibitions. The fruit inside: 180 acai berries, 1 apple, 1/3 mango, 1/3 banana, 1/5 pineapple & red grapes for good measure. Nature's boost (per bottle): Vitamin A (1840 IU), Vitamin C (104 mg), omega 6 (304 mg), omega 9 (1273 mg). All sugars are found naturally in the fruit. Separation is natural. Perishable. This product has been gently pasteurized.