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No artificial preservatives. No artificial ingredients. No refined sugar. The folks here at Matthew's All Natural want you to know that not all breads are created equal. To see why, look closely at all the breads today that claim to be all natural . Often you'll find the same highly refined flours, sweeteners, vegetable oils and other ingredients used in most foods. But people who choose Matthew's breads understand that eleminating chemical additives doesn't make a bread all natural. At Matthew's All Natural, we believe that refining nature's grains, seeds, nuts and other wholesome foods diminishes their goodness and flavor. Instead of things like refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and highly refined vegetable shortenings, Matthew's uses natural barley malt for sweetness, cold-pressed corn oil, sea salt and other natural, raw, wholesome ingredients. So, all of nature's vitamins, minerals and fiber are baked right into every bite of Matthew's All Natural. And because each loaf of Matthew's is a soft, delicious, fresh baked treat, it's the one bread the whole family can agree on.