Immaculate Cookies, Pumpkin Gingerlies 7 Oz

Pumpkin Ginger Chews. Cookies with a cause. All natural. Bakers of the world's biggest cookies. Southern delicious contagious. No trans fats. Chewier. Buttery pumpkin and spicy ginger--what a perfect match! Our version of the traditional ginger cookie--standing on its head of course! Crunchy outside and chewy within, real pumpkin and chunks fresh ginger give this cookie a fun twist. For a super-delicious treat, serve warm over vanilla ice cream! So what's the deal with the little silver stamp on the front of the box? Well, a couple a years ago, Pumpkin Gingerlies won Outstanding Cookie at the International Fancy Food Competition, a contest judged by over one hundred of the most respected goodies in the world! Our grand prize, a silver statuette considered to be the Oscar of the food world! Wow! What an honor! So, Enjoy! And help us celebrate baking one of the best cookies in the world. Made in the U.S.A.