Schmidt's Deodorant, Lavender & Sage 2.65 oz

Really Works. Schmidt's Lavender & Sage- Formulated with certified 100% natural origin ingredients, this deodorant for women and men is made without aluminum. It's also certified vegan by Vegan Action and cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Our women's and men's deodorants are naturally enriched with magnesium to help neutralize odor and keep you fresh with 24-hour odor protection that's gentle on skin. Schmidt's offers some of the best smelling deodorants for men and women and is made with plant-based oils and butters like coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea moisture butter, as well as vitamin E. Luxurious, long-lasting scents made with 100% natural origin fragrance are never synthetic, always made with plant isolates and essential oils like tea tree oil, jasmine oil, and lavender oil. All our Schmidt's vegan deodorant sticks require only a small amount for overall effectiveness. To use, hold the deodorant briefly to skin to soften on contact with your body heat. Gently apply 1–2 swipes to dry, clean underarms to keep you feeling fresh all day. This aluminum free deodorant for men and women uses a non-greasy/non-sticky formula that is easily absorbed. Do not apply to irritated, damaged, or freshly shaved skin.