Temple Turmeric Shot, with Holy Basil, Pure Prana 6 ea

17% juice. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Cold pressure verified. Recovery. Whole root. Cold pressured. Water. Coconut nectar. Turmeric. Ginger. Lemon juice. Holy basil. Yerba mate. Ashwagandha. Sea salt. Coconut oil. Cinnamon. Spearmint. Black pepper. Cardamom. Your Road to Recovery: Each Pure Prana Turmeric Shot delivers 10,000 mg of whole-root turmeric plus holy basil and ashwagandha, two renowned anti-stress adaptogens that support the body's efficient use of oxygen. A daily fix of our no.1 shot and you'll be on the road to recovery. More Potency, More Power: Only Temple sources Oana (oh-AH-nah) Turmeric from organic family farms in Hawaii. As the pioneer of turmeric in a bottle, we searched the planet high and low to bring you this amazingly potent little root. With more curcumin, vitamin C and beta carotene, you get more of what you want turmeric for: energy, recovery, vitality. Visit: DrinkTemple.com. Find Us: (at)drinktemple. (hashtag)drinktemple. BPA-free. Please recycle. Rooted on the big island.