Orgain Nutritional Shake, Strawberries & Cream Flavored, 4 Pack 4 ea

Grass-fed protein. Organic fruits & veggies. Cleaner Ingredients: Organic grass-fed milk protein. Organic fruit powder. Organic veggie powder. 20 vitamins & minerals. Higher Standards: Carrageenan free. Our OG Nutritional Shake: This Organic Nutrition Shake is as delicious as it is nutritious. Made from our original blend of organic fruits and vegetables, each tasty shake boasts 20 vitamins and minerals and no GMOs or artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavors. Simply put, it's everything you need, anywhere you go. The Scoop: 16 g organic protein, fruits & veggies and scrumptious sipping. Our Commitment To: Clean Nutrition: Orgain's relentless pursuit of better nutrition that doesn't compromise on taste is based on my belief that real foods can make a real difference. That passion fuels our mission to help people live vibrant lives through good, clean nutrition. In good health, Andrew Abraham, M.D. Founder, Cancer Survivor & Food Entrepreneur.